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About MPMS

Our Mission

MPMS aims to offer a learning experience that fits any student's schedule, lifestyle, and skill level. Either online or in-home, we prioritise a safe, constructive, and fun learning environment. We wholeheartedly believe in every student's ability to make great music, regardless of age or experience.


Our studio specialises in tailor-made lessons that nurture a love of music, vocal well-being, technical finesse, and piano proficiency.No matter what kind of music you enjoy, we're here to guide you toward discovering your distinct musical voice. 


At MPMS we are dedicated to your growth, happiness, and to sharing the joy of singing and playing piano.

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About Monike

Raised near Halifax, Nova Scotia, Monike developed an early love for music, influenced by timeless icons like Shirley Temple and Bing Crosby. Her musical education started with school musicals and choirs, eventually propelling her to private music lessons. Although her initial focus was on musical theatre, she soon discovered a passion for operatic singing.


Monike earned a bachelor’s degree in vocal performance from Acadia University and a master’s degree in vocal performance and pedagogy from Memorial University of Newfoundland. During her studies she immersed herself in diverse musical theater and operatic roles both nationally and internationally. Now settled in Newfoundland, Monike shares her vocal expertise as a private instructor.

What People Are Saying

“Having taught Monike at Memorial University's School of Music I can attest to her knowledge of singing, her zest for singing, and her desire to teach singing.
I’m Shelley Neville and have been teaching at Memorial School of Music for over 10 years and I fully trust Monike with young singers to give them a well-rounded approach to the fundamentals of singing."

- Shelley Neville

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